3 Reasons to Integrate Payroll Management with Mobile Attendance
June 15, 2016

Why Mobile Attendance System is Necessary for Employees?

Mobile attendance


In this competitive market, organizations are looking for ways to increase employee productivity, Many of them of are still negligent over real issue—how to save time of the employee in the mid of busiest working hours. Instead of completing full quota working hours while finishing deadline, look for ways to save time instead and invest that for your next assignment/project. That is how Time saved is money earned.

By doing time analysis of employees, Researchers have come to the conclusion that time can’t expanded but can certainly be condensed by putting time to work but not the other way round, similar to Einstein’s special relativity theory on time.

In this post we would address, how modern technologies are resolving time and attendance related stumbling blocks. We have mobile technology growing at a speed of 300%, this is sheer tech evolving time without a doubt.

Organizations are facing challenges in employee time & attendance tracking, especially for remote/field employees. Employees are reluctant to follow traditional attendance system due to much hassle involved. So mobile app can be a real problem solver. By eliminating location constraint, it will provide great assistance to employees through mobile attendance system. Here are the 3 ways on why mobile attendance is necessary for employees.

#1 Register Attendance Just Through Mobile Click

The mobile app helps you to not to bother visiting office merely for attendance, which exist in traditional attendance system. So from whichever location you are, you can clock-in and update your attendance which can be approved by manager instantly. This helps a great deal to employees by eliminating travel to office on daily basis.

#2 Time Saved is Money Earned

Time is more than monetary value, if we realize this soon better it is. By using mobile attendance you can save time by 50% which include commute. You can eliminate commute on a daily basis. Let’s look at one scenario how much time can be saved by using mobile attendance.

If an employee is commuting 2 hours daily considering to and pro travel. By looking at week it would be around 10 hours and for month it is big 40 hours. This is just for a month. Here comes a real deal—for year 480 hours that is 20 days out of 365, such an astonishing nightmare. So many hours/days are being thrown to trash. So it’s never too late to get rid of this. Just by employing mobile attendance we can save huge time.

#3 Flexible Work Model

Mobile attendance is very handy and it brings lot of flexibility in the work. Employees can clock-in and clock out at their convenience; it is instrumental when it comes to contract employees who are working on hourly basis. For instance, if an employee needs to visit 5 client locations on a same day, then he can easily feed in details to app and send updates to manager. So there is no need to communicate verbally with anyone. These flexibilities won’t be possible in traditional attendance system.

That being said, in conclusion—Mobile attendance has put an end to many problems we had in traditional time and attendance system.

So it’s high time to implement mobile attendance system to have best time management for your employees to boost the growth of an organization.

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