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June 11, 2016
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3 Reasons to Integrate Payroll Management with Mobile Attendance


As the technology is moving faster, it is obvious that many manual systems have become obsolete. Evidently human tasks have never been so much easy and simple. Everything is just a click away; it may be travel, shopping, food catering, medical treatment etc. Tech revolution is at its peak, from computer to laptop, and then to mobile. This has happened just in 10 years. So now everything is happening through mobile touch.

As human tends to adapt to the circumstances, organizations are adapting to technological circumstances, we know, adapting has been only reason for survival as per Darwin’s evolution theory. We have no choice but to agree with him completely. Now organizations are driven by change, so they tend to look past at traditional systems, that we have been following since last decade. So now all the traditional systems have been replaced perpetually by automated software systems.

For organizations, nurturing human resource has become primary goal. They have to create conducive ecosystem for human resource to associate with organization for long time and contribute to growth of an organization. Human resource managements system (HRMS) has become huge chunk and must be properly modulated.

Employee time and attendance system is necessary and vital part to manage human capital, which must be properly set in place. The pay should be proportional to hours of work. In most of the organizations, attendance system and payroll processing are 2 different entities. Hence both the systems require necessary human resources to manage, so there is considerable amount of money and time is being invested. However technology can be a great benefit if we employ it wisely.

Automating processes have become trend now. Attendance system and payroll process entities can be made one by integration. Integrated system is more efficient and involves less investment of human resources and money. In this post we would address 3 vital reasons to why to integrate payroll processing to mobile attendance.

#1 Prevent Human Errors

Humans are fallible, that is a proven fact. Perfection does not necessarily prevent mistakes. Human resource can be at its best and there is no certainty of error-free work. One or the other way bound to commit a mistake, and that is not a crime. Especially for payroll calculations, finance employee has to use Microsoft excel or similar spread sheet. Manual human tasks can have mistakes which are beyond control. Here the perfection is at risk. So it’s better to avoid a conflict beforehand. We have sure way to deal with this major concern, that is technology, which is at our assistance. Automated software will regulate this task without errors. As we integrate attendance with payroll, the system will periodically generate payroll without having errors. This is far best possible to avoid human errors in payroll system.

#2 Save Time and Money

By integrating payroll with attendance system, you will have automated system to look after payroll process. So this system will eliminate hiring human resource for payroll processing like in traditional system. This in turn will save huge money for paying employee on periodic basis. Also the amount of time, finance employee puts in processing salary manually will consume huge amount of time. And this can be drastically reduced with automated payroll processing. So there is lot of demand for organization to save and money. This practice certainly yields significant benefits to every organization.

#3 Monitor Accurate Pay and Working Time

While using traditional payroll system, it calculates the payroll based on 15 or 30 working days while neglecting accuracy of time in terms of working hours, which would turn out to be a major concern, accounting thousands of employee pay and leaking money in big amount while neglecting number of hours accounted for work. Whereas payroll process integrating with mobile attendance system would account every hour of work employee has contributed to. So mobile attendance will easily track number of working days along with hours as well, which is integrated with payroll, send accurate data to payroll system which generates accurate pay to employee and eliminating inaccuracy.  This is win-win system for both employer and employee.

In conclusion, Mobile attendance integrated with payroll will make an accurate automated package. Evidently considerable amount of money and time can be saved. Integrated system is successfully proven strategy and can be ideal for every organization. This integrated system helps you monitor money and time accurately which are the biggest assets to an organization.

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