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July 19, 2016
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August 12, 2016

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility in 2017


Mobile technology has brought new platform for organizations to conduct the business across the various verticals. Especially IoT(Internet of Things) has mainly been established by keeping mobile as a primary source to conduct the business flow. Enterprise Mobility has established new market in the IT industry since the last decade.

Mobile enterprise is benefiting the organizations in many areas,Workforce management, Location based services, Tracking system, and employee satisfaction. Since most of the enterprise mobile applications are built with high security, critical data is stored on servers with highly secured data centers. Mobile devices are used for information exchange and update.

Let us debrief the benefits of enterprise mobility for the organizations.

#1 Improved Productivity for employees with easy access of Information

Enterprise mobile application helps employees to keep up to date on information and updates. Employees can have better task management with organized work model. There is great deal of flexibility in using mobile app on-the-fly, leading to improved productivity of the employees with best time management possible.

#2  Better work flow with Field Employees

Field employees have challenge with of communication and attendance management, since their work is location independent. Hence mobility assists them in having to communicate in real-time and manage time and attendance with ease by personalizing the process. Even this will reduce the cost of travel and time for field employees in their daily work activities.

#3 Better quality of work with instant access to Corporate Data for Marketing and Sales Teams

Data is important aspect the corporate world. The real-time data helps great deal at the critical point of time. For instance sales employees need to know the sales data frequently to ensure reasonable stock of the goods. Enterprise data app helps in displaying accurate data systematically. This would be a connecting bridge between sales and marketing teams to have consistent communication and coordination, ensuring sales and marketing teams to have better control over the work and have quality of work delivered.

#4 Enhanced Customer Support and Service

Gone are the days when customers should use company websites to reach for support and service. Now eCommerce organizations have their own mobile app. Customers can access complete information and reach customer support relating to their query and service. This is certainly provides flexible and easy work flow in serving customers with greater satisfaction.

#5 Cost Savings

Enterprise mobile app helps in managing filed workforce management by eliminating the need of huge enterprise in-house web applications; here cost of enterprise mobile app is substantially less than web app. Remote employees can lessen the amount of travel just by personalizing attendance app for better time management. This will help cutting cost of field employees in their daily work. Also help in improving employee productivity and save time in a big way.

Everything comes with pros and cons. So mobile enterprise has many advantages for the organization and it has got a disadvantage too. Lets uncover the disadvantages.


The mobile enterprise has dependent on Internet; hence system cannot run if the internet connection is not there. Also mobile enterprise applications need Smartphone to run the application. As the field employees require having internet in their Smartphone all the time so this could be a challenge to maintain the consistency. But still it is possible.

Let us take a case study on enterprise mobility.

A recent Yankee Group survey “Anywhere Enterprise–Large: U.S. Mobility and Applications Survey” identified that businesses can realize the following advantages from mobile business apps. (Source: Wikipedia)

  • Increased field selling time: 28 percent
  • Eliminated redundant activities: 27 percent
  • Increased win rates: 26 percent
  • Reduced sales calls costs: 25 percent
  • Increased forecast accuracy: 25 percent
  • Decreased administrative time: 24 percent
  • Decreased sales cycle: 23 percent

Conclusion: As the technology is evolving, many of the web applications are shifting to mobile applications. As they provide portability, real-time communication, corporate data access at any time, System independence, Geo-tracking, and enhanced customer service and support. Employees can have quality of work with best time-management with improved productivity. So adapting to enterprise mobile application has definitely got competitive advantage to amplify organizational growth.   

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