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August 3, 2016
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Field Notes-Ideal Real-Time Communicators

field notes

This post is the result of discussion with one of our clients, as our client is having most of the employees work in the field on a daily basis. They discussed a problem us, which is affecting their field employees’ communication with peers. Especially when field employee needed to update the critical information to peers. By and large this problem boils down to lack of communication; this pain point should be addressed and should need a solution as well.

Communication is integral part of any relationships; it would be personal, professional, B2B or B2C. Consistent communication results a great deal of understanding things or situation hence helping business leaders to make informed decisions.

Let us address the importance of communication in field employees’ work. Field employees spend most of the time in visiting various client/customer places and face remoteness most of the time in their work; this certainly brings lesser connectivity to office environment and peers. This yields communication issues affecting decision making and approvals from business managers. We know the value of timely decision making can cost so much money. Hence field employees should need a medium to fill this void of communication.

We have found a solution wherein Field Notes feature from our app GetSpot(GPS mobile attendance system) will assist employees to share instant information or data to peers through their mobile. Through this feature, sales employees can share real-time data on sales stats, medical representatives can share their hospital/client visits at any point of time. This adds greater value to the business by consistent communication at critical situations. Hence field employees can stay in touch with office peers by field notes feature all the time.

A picture is worth thousand words

Visuals are better way to communicate and can reduce the text content substantially, helping sender to invest less time in text. For instance if there is problem with customer goods then field employee can capture the photo of the defect goods and directly share it to concerned person to evaluate and get the assistance.

Good news is that, field notes feature has file sharing option, hence employee can share photos with a single tap. This feature helps in less documentation for employees, by simplifying the information exchange.  Field notes feature improves organizational communication to a great extent by eliminating the problem of remote communication issue.

In conclusion: By employing Mobile GPS attendance system, organizations can track employee time and have consistent communication with field employees with the help of field notes feature.


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