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August 17, 2016
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Ideal geo attendance system

Imagine the life without a digital navigational map now, which was the case in the year 1990’s. We were wandering to new places with the help of local people or a printed map in hand. Isn’t it? It is true that now it is possible to explore any city virtually across the globe by sitting on the balcony of home through Google map. In the same way, we can visit any place across the globe without seeking the help of local people or manual guide. This is a phenomenal revelation that has occurred in the last decade.  At the same time, the magnitude of this new revelation is humongous in changing the travel patterns of people across the globe.  This technology is not only limited to a personal guide to navigation but to enterprise businesses as well.

Enterprise businesses are using a geo-navigational system in a great deal—to solve the pain points of businesses. To be precise, transportation system which helps export/import of the goods is using geo-tracking to have a safe system. In the same way, businesses like local cab services, remote employee management is implementing geo-tracking to elevate the business areas.

In this post, we would address the Ideal Geo Attendance Software (which is a by-product of geo-tracking technology) and it’s must-have features/benefits to fulfill the needs of Remote Employee Management in their time and attendance.

#1 Simple Clock-in & Clock-out

This is primal to any geo attendance software. The feature helps to mark the remote employees’ attendance which is essential along with capturing the accurate working hours.

The accountability of every working hour is fulfillment to any employee out there. To get rewards for every hour employee puts in his work is a great positive sign of employee experience with the organization. However, many organizations in India are not keeping the accountability of every hour on a daily basis as they match the hours rather on a weekly or monthly basis.

By employing geo attendance system, an organization can manage employees’ time on an hourly basis. This axiom helps both employee and employer to have a cordial relationship.

Benefit: For shift based work—employees will have flexibilities in managing the time. The accuracy of working hours is high.

#2 Compatible With Payroll Software

More often than not every organization has unique software for payroll processing. The motive of the finance team is to justify every penny spent.Payroll should have accountability for every hour employees put in his work. It’s the only way to ensure the right pay for the right amount of work.

In order to have such system then payroll need to integrate with time and attendance management system to share the accurate working hours. Geo attendance system should have compatibility to integrate with the given payroll systems to serve the purpose of right pay. In the same way, organizations should ensure the geo attendance system is compatible with in-house payroll system before they plan to buy one.

Benefit:  Integration of payroll with geo attendance system makes automated payroll process. Hence manual payroll process which requires human resource can be eliminated completely. This will save cost for the company. Automated payroll is accurate and error free.

#3 Real-Time Communication

It is true that remote employees work in distant locations on a daily basis. On the negative side, they miss the meeting with peers and managers together with the office meetings. The caveat here is the communication gap. With that employees will be missing critical hearings which affect their work. At present, there is no software to communicate with remote employees. Geo attendance system is first of its kind in the market to connect remote employees with managers.

To emphasize, Geo attendance system should have a feature to provide real-time communication. With that remote employees can hear the important announcements from the official meetings and managers instantly. In the same way, managers instantly get updates from the remote employees on noteworthy insights over client or customer meeting.

Benefit: Consistent communication is made possible with the remote employees. They can share critical information with managers and form informed decisions for the business. In the case of sales representative, he can share stock of the goods (FMCG Industry) and inventory team can plan to supply the goods based on requirement.

#4 Generate Important Reports

Additionally, reports are the essential part to observe the vital statistics of the employees and sales reports. Organizations should check employees’ task success rate, clients/customer visits on weekly/monthly basis and sales reports. These are important reports to take into accountability to check the performance of the employees.

Consequently, Geo attendance system should render these reports instantly as in when they require. Report generation should be kept easy with the simple one-click option without any hassle.

Benefit:  Report generation help managers to see the progress graph of employees and tweak the plans to have a better outcome. Vital sales statistics can be viewed at any point to develop the new plan for next quarter to come.

IN CONCLUSION: Geo attendance system has broken the barrier of remoteness. Furthermore, It is rendering consistent communication between employees’ and managers. This has led to a new communication pattern for remote employees. Four benefits we discussed above will collectively make an ideal geo attendance software which fulfills the needs of an organization and remote employees.

Organizations with the thought of implementing geo attendance system to manage remote employees’ time & attendance ensure these four benefits to achieve the optimal results.

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