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FEatures of HRMS

HRMS should comprise the features that cover entire employee cycle. This post Showcases the 13 best features of Human resource management system that you should look while choosing HRMS/HRIS software.


HRMS/HRIS is a  software that integrates various processes to secure and ease the management of human resource and cover entire business module of a firm.

Human resource management systems include a disciplinary and user-friendly management of the employee’s data together with payroll administration and attendance management. HRMS by the same token covers multidisciplinary aspects that benefit your organization.

 HRMS Features

1.-Employee on-Boarding

HRMS-Employee On-Boarding









Employee cycle starts with an employee on-boarding. HRMS should explicitly allow the addition of new employee coupled with well-defined salary breakups.

It should comprise an HR offer checklist and approval system for the easy workflow. Human resource management system should furnish provisions for log-in from multiple branches and onboard checklist. Additionally, it should provide you the reminders of joining and confirmation.

  1. Offer letter generation

HRMS should ensure you Easy management coupled with attributes of pre-arrangements, offer letter generation and authentication of HR management.

  1. Employee Database

HRMS should facilitate you in adding employee’s information like basics, career and resource allocations. Software should subsume particulars of the employee’s transfer, promotion, and transitions coupled with the memorandum, News, and circular distribution.

Human resource management system should feature Prerequisites to add project details, Details of employee communication, Module to maintain your employee’s joining details and HR Management information systems. Notably, these are the important features everyone should look while choosing Human resource management system.

  1. Attendance Management


HRMS features










Attendance management should allow attendance marking; likewise, allow shift plan creation, shift turns, work allocation and report generation as per the requirement and these should be the crucial attributes of a Human resource management system.

     5. Leave Management

HRMS-Leave Management










 HRMS tool should comprehend leave application system with user-friendly, employee self-service systems with management approvals and reports to ease your Year-end administration and management.

  1. Payroll Integration

HRMS should allow employee designation, department, and location wise payroll action. Software should include Separate modules for fixed and variables, Bank advice, salary transfer and salary statement generation systems as pivotal attributes of the software.

Human resource management system tool should manage your employee’s loans and installments together with Statutory, payroll, variance reports and IT declaration systems.

  1. Performance Management


HRMS features









HRMS should create year assessment together with KRA & KPI Configuration. Systems should be allowed to import goals and objectives together with team assessment through MS and PMS lists and asses pending goals.

The tool should provide a provision to complete workflow assessment together with ESS – Appraise, Appraiser & Reviewer to employ and to make evaluation through the login system to admin.

Claims and reimbursements

Human resource management system should categorize reimbursements and consequently provide slip together with the report.

  1. Statutory Compliance

Compliance Mangement

HRMS should aspect Payroll processing, IP model for fixed and variables, Payslip and bank statement generation.

Human resource management system should generate TDS, Form 16, IT, YTD Statement. In addition, Tool should have legislation of IT declaration and document management and reports.

  1. Timesheet Management

 HRMS should have perquisite to involve your multiple clients and project details explicitly. In addition to these, Tool should allow your employees to enter hours of the projects, dates and likewise generate time charts.

Software should allow the approval based workflow and the provision to review team/employee wise time sheet.

  1. Report generation


HRMS features









Human resource management system should provide you one-click reports and navigation to custom reports and attributes to select menu and enter parameters.

  1. Full and Final Settlement











Software should E-separate workflow by together with ESS, MSS and Admin process; It should manage termination of an employee with no dues and settlement checklist generation.

    13.Employee self service


HRMS should provide self-help for accessing complete information on payroll and Attendance balances. Equally important, it should allow your employee & Manager to apply/approve leave, and look leave balance. It should provide IT declaration through ESS, facility to View/Print YTD along with IT Statements and advance a Query/Trouble Tickets.










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