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Branding essentials

Branding essentials are the key attributes one has to focus while branding a product or a business.

Do you require somebody to explain what Nike is? When somebody tells you “Taste of India”, what you will get in mind. Do you think of anything other than drink if your friend sends you the logo named Kingfisher?
This is the power of branding. It is the brand that uniquely rules the world market.

What is Branding

Branding is a marketing process which helps a product or service or an company to get recognized by perspective’s/customers/leads over its competitor.

Essential of branding












A proverb says “everything should have a meaning”. Purposeless start then leads to the meaningless end. Whatever is the type of business or product or service, everything should have a purpose. When you think of B to B branding, and then take it as P to B- Purpose to branding. For instance; Vision of is to create a platform where in 20 years’ time, every Indian who is looking for a job can find one.

2.Percept your Target customers


Customers are oxygen of business and every business should determine their customer coupled with the research on their prospective customers and understand them to brand yourself in the market.

3.Determine your strengths


One has to believe themselves to make the world believe them. One has to identify their strengths also what they are best, what makes them unique. While branding, strengths, and uniqueness are the lifelines to give an adept push.

4.Method of business communication

Business communication

Determining way of communication is crucial in brand building and determining communication is a part of determining the customer’s reach as well.

If target audiences are not the internet users then your online branding methods go waste.

5. Be Loyal

Customer loyalty

Being loyal sharply touches the emotional quotient of the target customers. Staying true to the values of business purpose and being clear is important while concentrating on branding.

6. Never cross boundaries


Promises, timelines, variations, and alterations are usual in B to B sectors. Marketers should coordinate with their entire teams of an organization while branding. One should create the boundaries and learn to say NO wherever possible. Saying NO will never hurt, but false promises and crossing their own boundaries hurts branding.

7.Brand message

Discover a strong brand message by taking all the above factors and communicate the message clearly with your customers.

8.Custom domains and email Id’s

Modern business will not run without the help of Information technology and branding is un- imaginary without custom domains of your product/service. Custom domains give credibility for the brand and helps keep trust in customers.


It is the face of brand and core attribute of identity. The Better is the logo; best will be chance of branding and recognition.


The Website is the best platform to show brand identity, mission, strengths, uniqueness together with brand messages. Again, better is the website and best will be chance of branding and recognition.

11.Business cards


Business cards help you exchange contacts with customers and influencers of your industry. It is like sharing a piece of your identity.


creative branding

Being creative is constitutive while branding products/Service, Creativity showcases uniqueness and the aspect of being different from the competitors.


Keeping same font, image, color, themes, kind of graphics, consistently helps the brand building activity.

14. Employee branding

Showcasing brand in the persona profiles like employees social account, email signatures will give a push for branding.

15.Brand journey

Create a story of product journey,this will attract new prospects and also entice persons to identify your brand.


Buzz your brand on every occasion and in every communication you make in the light of awareness.


The tagline should showcase, what your brand is all about and cache tagline is equally important as the eye-catching logo.

18.Social Media presence

Social Media presence is an important tool of your brand building; it’s very essential to secure the social media handles and being consistent on social media activity drives traffic and also helps buzz creation.

19.Email newsletter

These are the direct tools to communicate with prospects, customers and promoters. Identity in the email newsletter should also be a part of your brand building.

20.Differentiate competitors

Competitor analysis

This helps strategize your branding activity and it helps you build uniqueness that nobody else maintain.

21.Writing style

Always maintain one style of writing it may be humorous, witty, satiric, motivational, promotional, realistic, and romantic. In addition to the choice of style, maintain stability and choose wisely while choosing varieties. Choose the one that suits your prospects and clients.

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