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October 30, 2017
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The Secret of Successful 4 reasons to use Chatbots for your business

Chatbots for your business plays a crucial role in maintaining the customer relationship and this post shows you the  3 main reasons to consider Chatbots for your business

Chatbots for your businessChatbots are the boom of the web interactions and in the first place, they are significantly changing the way we browse as well as interaction with the web. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, has stated that chatbots will fundamentally revolutionize the computing experiences by altering the way content and services are created and consumed on the web.

Facebook messenger has become a hub of the bots with more than 100,000 bots from 10000 businesses provide the wide range of services to its customers. While other messaging platforms like Telegram, Skype, and WeChat shows the rapid sign to increase the number of bots.

According to Gartner, chatbots will power 85% of all the customer service interactions. Additionally, by 2020 the person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse.

In the first place, Bots are smart enough to make the decisions as programmed by the machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to satisfy the needs of the users. They bring the conversations natural and provide the results as requested by the user.

Let us check out how Bots can replace some of the things in your business,

Consider a user is searching for a query and the user clicks the related website among the search results. Now the user searches for the query again on the website by crawling across various tabs and drop-down menus. Consequently, this takes the time for the user to need his specific answer and he may or may not end up with the satisfaction.

Now imagine a Chat Bot that can replace the following

1. Website chat
2. Personal assistant
3.Customer care and support.

Bots can replace all these with the single chat box. With Q&A format for all the user,  chat help getting the specific results in one widget with micro cards suggestions along with the best Conversational User Interfaces(CUI).

1. Feels natural and more intuitive:

Bots should be always specific to user’s queries. It all happens with just plain and simple conversation. The natural way of interaction makes more friendly to the users and the rapid rise of bots across various platforms makes easily accessible to the users.

2. Personalisation:

Unlike websites and apps that don’t provide personalization for users, the bots provide personalized suggestions based on the user preference. This saves a lot of time for users and results are produced instantly.

3.Conversational User Interface:

The user no need to crawl under a wide range of content for a product or service. The interaction is the primary mode of conversation which comprises of mostly Q&A. The users can make the work done just with the conversational user interface.


The market space for bots is getting bigger and bigger by each day. The results are also much higher by the use of bots. The ChatBots is something that shouldn’t be missed by any businesses.

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