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Web development mobile responsiveness, reasons and importance

Web development mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness has become crucial attribute to look for Web development. This post need for mobile responsiveness, reasons and importance.

The rise of Smartphones is at the rapid rate in the era of technology. The internet users among them, smartphone users are more than the desktop users. There are 3.5 billion global mobile Internet users as of August 2017. This stat says how important it is to have a mobile responsive website for your business.

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

Mobile Responsive Design includes the following features on any device.

  • Any mobile device user can view the website with good user experience.
  • Readable text without zooming in and out.
  • No horizontal scrolling.
  • Proper alignment of test
  • Adequate Spacings.
  • Flexible Image. 

Below are the 5 top reasons to show the Importance of mobile responsiveness in Web development

Increase in Conversion Rates:

There is a constant rise of users searching for their needs on smaller devices like tablets & smartphones. By providing a good user experience in the smaller device can increase lead generation, sales, and conversions. Entire analytics, tracking, and reporting can be consolidated in one go. This in-turn cuts down the time and cost of content management.

A responsive layout is the guarantee that any user on any device will have the best experience possible on your website with consistency.

Adapts Easily To Any Screen Size

If the texts are jumbled, images do not align and users have to scroll through endless pages in search of the information they need, hence it does leave bad user experience and leads to high bounce rate.

Mobile Responsive design should provide the best user experience for smartphone users with one URL and one content source. Overall the responsive design should be flexible which adjusts according to any screen size. And it positions your website to seamlessly cater to newer devices like smartwatches, IoT devices to easily navigate.

Your website can automatically adjust itself to fit any screen size.

Note: There is a difference between a responsive website and a mobile-friendly website.

There are websites that look good on mobile devices. But might fail to adapt and be harder to navigate when viewed on devices with a higher resolution. While a responsive website adapts to any size screen size.

Better User Experience:

According to Google’s Think Insights on Mobile, whenever someone arrives on your mobile website and is frustrated, or doesn’t see the content that they are searching for immediately, there’s a 61 percent chance they will leave and head to another website. However, whenever a user has had a positive experience with your mobile website, that individual will be 67 percent more likely to buy a product or use a service. A better and consistent user experience across any devices is very much required for any businesses.

Easier to Manage:
There was a time when businesses used to create two versions of one website. One for desktop users and one strictly for mobile users but it is a time consuming and needs high maintenance.

If you have separate desktop and mobile sites, you have to run separate SEO campaigns for each. Now it is easier to manage only one SEO campaign and one website. This reduces the work from the technical team as well as give customers an enriched user experience. By this, responsive design is more cost effective as well.

 Increase in SEO:
In 2015, Considering the importance of Mobile Responsive Designs Google announced that website’s mobile presence will also be considered as one of the factors in the search engine algorithms. Websites that are not optimized for smaller screens. They can experience a decline in their search engine rankings.


 Having a responsive website help you to convert and retain more customers in the long run and can save you lots of money, maintenance time.







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