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January 2, 2018
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February 1, 2018

Why Is Everyone Talking About Android, Change In Business?

A decade ago smartphone was the one technology that started to make its mark. It was period of the dawn of smartphones. Since then Smartphones has changed the world.

People are so much addicted to smartphones which have become an essential part of our life. Ten years ago the Mobile phone used for effective and faster communication.

But after 10 years the term mobile changed completely. Now phones are not just a part of communication, but they have changed the world thinks and moves. It is common for the business to adapt to the changing world.

Accordingly, businesses are changing their way of operation. With more than 80% of the population using Android; we can call this period as an Android Era.

Why is everyone talking about Android?


Everyone Talking Android, Business change

When it comes to variety in smartphones, there can be the only word –Android. The majority of the service providers like Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Motorola, LG, ZTE, uses Android as their phone operating systems.

This made Android as the automatic choice for the smartphone users; for the vast variety, they get from different smartphone sellers.


Everyone Talking Android, Business change

Price is the influencers when you try to buy an asset, Android phones have something for everyone for every budget.


Everyone Talking Android, Business change

Widgets are one of the main reasons for the popularity of the android. Android widgets ensure you get all that is important on home screen.  Without the need for changing any settings and without the need for updates.


Android is the novel Operating system for customization. It allows adding features to the system with one click. Android has fewer risks of errors; hence devices remain feasible without altering framework.

 More Apps and more usage

Everyone Talking Android, Business change


Without Apps, smartphones will not remain smart enough to work with.  Android has a vast number of Apps that makes it so popular over its competitors.  Most of the Apps on the play store are free to download makes android is the choice of the customer.

How Android Changed Business

Apps are the organizations

With 77% of the Android users, online worldwide; Apps became new organizations that can generate revenue. With monetization android App’s are turning into companies which are the kind of online revolution in the business world.


Everyone Talking Android, Business change

With Android Apps, e-commerce emerged as a major way for the customer to customer business. Use of Android has changed the habit of buying. People get whatever they want at their finger tap on an e-commerce App.

Android made the easy platform for sending offers in the form of notifications. This increases customer engagement which is important for e-commerce.

Enterprise Mobility

Everyone Talking Android, Business change

Enterprise turning out Mobile Apps to operate their industrial process. ERP software’s turning to mobiles in the form of Web Apps. This is reducing the burden on the customer, management, and employee of the organizations.


Mobile Apps increasing Employee productivity. Mobility improves communication which is vital for any business.


Everyone Talking Android, Business change

With the boom in the internet and mobile users, marketing activity has changed rapidly.  The increase of Social made Apps on mobile, content marketing, Social media marketing has become vital in marketing.

Moreover, with 74% of people using smartphones to read email, smartphones have changed the way of B to B business.


Apps are changing the way we conduct business. The Apps are turning a virtual marketer;   ERP Apps are changing the business operation and customer relations. With 80% of the population using Android phones, itis the buzzword and influencing the business world rapidly.

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