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February 1, 2018
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February 2, 2018

The Reasons and stats for having an Android App for your business

With evolution of technology world has changed completely smart. Each task is commenced with a slither of touch on your smartphones.  With increasing mobile internet users business are turning their attention to mobile. When people think of smart phones, there will be one word “Android” revolving around.

Android has become a household name among the mobile users. 81.7 % of smartphone users use Android phone which accounts 352 million people worldwide. With it’s easy to use OS and popularity made it a best platform for the Android developers.



A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone/tablet or watch (Definition Wikipedia). Apps are one of the main reasons for the popularity and vibrant use of smartphones. Apps are the easiest way one can get redirected to the information they want.

Google play is the most popular platform where you will find the Android App’s. Android App’s are the most popular among the users.


Below are the statistics why one should have the Android App for their business.

The number of smart phone users is growing and will grow at a substantial rate. An average of 4.77 billion people uses smartphones by the end of 2017.

Number of Smartphone users from 2013-2019

Source: Statista 2017


With 81.7% of the smart which account for nearly 4 billion around the world, Android has become a preferred platform for your business.

Time Spent

Smartphone has become an in-separable asset of modern world. People spend lot of time on their phone.  Over half of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up. Over  64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices.

Apps on Google play store

Google Appstore comprise comprises around 3 million App’s for download around various genres that re helpful for the growth of business.

Below is the category wise Android App’s that are most popular around the world.

Reasons why your Business needs an Android App?

  1. Visibility

Mobile Apps are the best source of media in the modern world. They render easy visibility for your business. You can increase your visibility by pushing your products and offering by push notifications in the App. This helps your brand visibility and helps you get more leads.

  1. Brand building

Apps are the best way to make your customer get involved with your involved. App increases their interaction and sharing of App’s and offers helps increase your brand activity and consumer database.

  1. Number matters

With increasing use of smart phones it has become vital for businesses to have App’s to reach large number of audiences. Number of Mobile App users is growing substantially and overtaking desktop and mobile browsers in number of users.

  1. Loyalty

App’s build loyalty among your customers App helps your customer loyal by sending timely updates and announcement. This makes the customer purchase from your over your competitor.

  1. Direct marketing

Apps are the media for direct offers and products details and campaigns to your customers. Affiliate marketing is easy and most effective marketing which is as easy as child’s play with App/.

6. Increase traffic

App’s can bring lot of traffic as it is very easy for the customer to revisit your App.

  1. Collaboration

App’s made collaboration between employees, partners and customers has become easier.

  1. Conversion Rate

Conversion rates with App are considerably high with App’s than Desktop marketing or outbound marketing.

  1. Free advertisement

App’s are the best platforms that provide free advertisement thereby increase your profits.


With increase in number of people using mobile internet and most of the using Android phones. Businesses are focusing on building Android App’s to stay ahead in competition. App has distinct advantages and provide perfect platform for branding and advertisements. App keeps loyal customers and attracts new customers. Hence Building own App’s are a perfect ROI.

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