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February 2, 2018
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March 2, 2018

My first internship experience with PristineSofts is a stepping stone to my career

4th August 2017- I stepped into Pristine Softs with a lot of excitement. This is when I finished college and started my career as Digital Marketer.  I was curious to check out how the Digital Marketing is carried out on the market and I felt I’m at the right place to start my career.

Although I had some kind of knowledge in Digital Marketing, I was amateur to the actual process of digital marketing. It was new and exciting for me to work with a team with a dedicated team and their motto. I was impressed by the team’s work as they check the content word for word with all the designs until it is perfect. I had a great understanding of the team and I learned lots of tools that are used to post online.

The best thing about Pristine Softs is the freedom they provide. They allow you to think of your own and support your creativity. There are no restrictions to explore your creativity as long as you get the ideas. The top management is so friendly that you can even discuss silly ideas and they never hesitate to clear any doubts and they feel privileged to provide you the help to learn anytime about anything.  Hence I got my own space to work on my ideas and they were good enough to approve my ideas.

This experience has let me learn and experience the new insights of digital marketing. Firstly, it brushed up my basic Digital Marketing skills.  My creative ideas helped me gain confidence. I never worked on color combinations and any kind of posts that comes with lots of background check. Once I started to work on, I was able to think differently and with creativity brought some good results. Thirdly, At PristineSofts work culture is a great thing and I’m lucky for I did my first work for PistineSofts. Those three month’s of my internship has a great impact on my life!

Pristine Softs is a great place to work in. The way the workflows to deliver best results is something I learned the most. I had close connections with people I worked with. They are the kindest to not just help me out in work but also made sure I liked what I was doing. By this internship, I felt that my love for Digital Marketing has grown tremendously.

Though three months may seem short period, PristineSofts is the one which provided me the best experience of Digital Marketing and, I definitely miss this place.

A special thanks to Anand Sir and Vinayak Sir, for trusting me with my work and giving me the opportunity to work on various projects and letting me do my own research for various things.  They have been the best bosses ever!

Thank you, Pristine Softs, for making this experience so memorable with full of new learning’s.

Likhith Reddy,

Digital Marketing Intern,

4 August 2017 – 4 November 2017

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