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July 31, 2018
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August 31, 2018

4 Benefits of Industrial IoT that will optimize your business processes

Industrial IoT benefits-Business processes

Industrial IoT benefits-Business processes

IoT is taking storm in the business world. In the first place, IoT combines all the Instrumentation, Information technology, mobility, Mechanics (Actuators) and the Communication aspects into one basket to enable the complete automation of your business processes. Furthermore, this integrates the data and connect the physical world to the computer networks.

Industrial IoT brings complete automation to your industrial processes. IoT has its components like sensor nodes and codes that process and integrates the data together with the gateway to the cloud or a server connection, along with a dashboard to operate.

The sensor nodes collect the data and pass to pre-loaded IOT gateways through wireless protocols such as WIFI, Bluetooth, Internet chips, Mobility and Desktop. These act as the connectors to the server/cloud.

Internet of things opens up new channels in the industrial growth. Below are the benefits of Industrial IoT that will make you implement IoT for your industry.

1. Digital Connection

IoT assures digital connection for your Industry. It may be in the operation or in the security, IoT helps you get digitally connected.

IoT helps the operation managers together with the factory heads to control the factory unit from any location. This makes them take advantage of the process automation and together with the optimization. Along with these, a digitally connected Industry will establish a  track of commands in order to identify the key result areas( KRA’s).

2. Machinery Monitoring

IoT Sensors used in the manufacturing units provides the condition-based alerts.  This helps to monitor the critical machinery designed to work within specific temperature, Vibration as well as humidity ranges.

IoT also provides the necessary alerts when the machinery deviates from its normal functionality. This will help managers to take the necessary steps at the right time.

3. Production Management

IoT integrates the power of data from the manufacturing operations and transforms them into meaningful, actionable intelligence. This data is used in product manufacturing planning and management.

4. Supply Chain Efficiency

IoT can monitor the supply chain by using RFID tags to track the assets in a real time. IoT coupled with cloud computing together with the data analytics optimize the shipment process.

Cloud IoT can fetch the data about traffic,  fleet models, climate and other variables to fetch suitable routes for your logistics.

Cloud IoT also helps your customer to provide complete details of the goods until it’s delivery. This will provide the best user experience for your customer.

IoT delivers inbound supply chain automation with the trading partners. This leads to effective raw material and the finished goods supply at the right time.


IoT connects data and Sensors together with the internet to bring the automation in the industrial operations.   With disruptive technology and cloud, IoT is taking the storm in the industries to bring the benefits enormously.

IOT connect Industries and establish the digital connection between the key result Areas.  It helps in monitoring the machine without any human efforts. IoT optimizes the Supply chain management by using RFID tags together with the cloud technology. This also helps manufacturing plans and also helps to optimize the production management.

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