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August 31, 2018
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October 31, 2018

A peek into Rising impact of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality Virtual Reality

One of the biggest technology trends are the rise of Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. There are rise in many hardware companies that hit the marketplace with the clever implementation of Virtual Reality. On other side, the Augmented Reality hit over the world wide with record breaking downloads such as Pokémon Go.

So now Apple started rolling out more developments in both VR and AR with the release of iOS 11. Apple introduced its own open platform ARKit for any iOS to build a new framework that allows developers to easily create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad. This made easier for large community of developers where it’s possible to build an iOS app with much exciting Augmented Reality features.

Rising impact of Augmented Reality, iOS 11 promises to deliver the Best experience beyond the expectations. Hence there’s a wide Market and it is believed that AR in iOS 11 will grow beyond imaginations. The market appeal for VR and AR is huge. It has the potential to change world we see even for the regular folks who just want to play some games or check their e-mails.

He we list few of the applications of AR and VR

Navigation made easier

Now it is possible to walk through any part of the Urban City through AR navigation. Even you can turn on automatic driving where one need not look away the sides and the traffic. All the requirement information that you need while following the maps are detected automatically and displayed to you. AR made Navigation easier.

Digital laboratory cuts costs

Consider a case where a group of medical students need a cadaver to train themselves. It’s a bit harder to find as many cadavers as per the requirements of students. In this case VR comes into play. Medical Students can work as much times as they want on Digital Cadavers and can be reset for constant reuse by hundreds of students. Like this, any kind of Digital Labs can be created to cut down the costs associated with the physical labs.

Shopping Experiences

Innovations in AR has reached to your shopping experiences too. In-store, augmented reality can display entire information about a product with a simple scan. It is also expected that soon your visualization turns into reality with AR. Consider, you want to see how a particular lamp looks for your bedroom and with AR you can actually make it possible. By this AR brings even eCommerce shoppers try products at home before they purchase.

Meetings and Everyday Communication

By VR, you can avoid any physical meetings. The technology is build to enhance the way we interact and communicate for meetings, conferences, virtual classrooms. With VR one could see the entire room with 360 degree content on your VR headset and giving you feel of actual presence.


Now instead of just viewing the pictures of your next holiday destination and hotels, you can experience the 360 degree view of your desired location in VR. You can explore and check before you go for a holiday.


Overall, AR and VR has its own role in the market. AR helps to providing service in day to day life for any person, helping them to take better decisions about their social needs like transportation, restaurants, people and even more. While VR provides a satisfying experience in the entertainment activities such as games and storytelling. However, it is sure that it changes the way we see the world considering the wide opportunities.

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