Asset Management System

Import users from CSV

Import/Login through Active Directory/LDAP Bulk user actions to make management easy Assignable user roles offer different levels of access Easily generate strong passwords through the UI Software Licenses You get the same quick access with licenses, too. We’re working on making this even better, by letting you smartly handle multi-pack licenses with ease. Enable email alerts to get an email when your licenses are expiring.

Accessories & Consumables

Some things are necessary to track, but may not warranty their own asset tags and labels. By using accessories you can track things like keyboards and computer mice so you know how many you have on-hand, and who has the ones that have been given out. Items like printer ink and copier paper all add up, and it's inconvenient to run out. You can even use Snipe-IT to track your consumables.


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Features of Asset Management
#1 Track the Assets Location and Beneficiary
Our asset management system helps you track the asset location where it is currently deployed and beneficiary to whom it is assigned to. Tracking helps you locate the assets at any given time.
#2 1-Click Check-In
An Easy way to check-in assets with 1-click, while making the contract process simple.
#3 End User Acceptance on Check-Out
Reminding customers to be aware of terms of service at the time of check-in help them reduce occurrence of damage by 30%.
#4 Email Alerts
Customer gets email alerts on expiring warranty & licenses. Alerts help the customers to be informed about the assets renewal to avoid penalty.
#5 Easy Barcode and QR code scan
Assets can be easily scanned by barcode and QR code by reader apps.
#6 Add Custom Fields for additional Asset Attributes
You can create your own custom fields for the assets based on their quality and other parameters you consider. Labels can be completely customized.
#7 Easily Import and Export Assets
Our asset management system assists you to import and export the assets with accurately documenting the asset details.
#8 State the Status of the Assets
Assets can be marked available or unavailable based on their status. This will help the user to request only available assets which can be fulfilled by you.
#9 Maintain the History of Assets
Our system will help you to maintain the assets history of check-in, check-out and maintenance details. The data will help you to understand which assets are hot in the market and help you make informed decision for the future.
#10 User Management
Manage the users request and keep track of each user profile details about the history including assets, accessories, consumables and licenses.
#11 Get Bulk User Details via CSV File
Our system generates CSV file for the data you require. You can import the entire user details via CSV file. This will include users purchase, license and expiry of the assets at once place.

Benefits of Asset Management
#1 Organize the Asset Portfolio
Asset management system reduces the burden of maintaining the paper documents about the asset beneficiary, location and other vital details. The entire asset portfolio can be well organized and maintained via software and can check the asset status any time.
#2 Reduce the Risk
The system will help you tracking the assets and documentation help you to reduce the risk of being theft through inventory control. Also users can be given with details on terms of service before they agree to lease the assets. Any damage to the assets can be recurred by the users.
#3 Provide Best Customer Service
Asset management improves the responsiveness to the users at high rate. Every request by the user can be notified to the team and can be fulfilled immediately to the customer. Customers are informed about the availability, expiry and renewal assets licenses well ahead of time, this would avoid bottlenecks and customers will receive email alerts to take the required action.
#4 Save Time and Money
It will eliminate the manual process which takes ample time for the support team. And having informed terms of service agreement with customers before check-In help you minimize the damage and costly repairs and improve the assets longevity.