Customer Relationship Management

Pristine Sales Collaboration

Pristine sales social collaboration network for businesses & organizations help accumulate huge amount of information & knowledge, with sales data, experts, competitive analysis, market trends / information & other resources to close more deals, faster & smoother wherever you are.

Lead Management

Optimize your marketing investments by tracking leads sources, marketing campaigns & their performance. This will help you in making smart decision on your marketing investments.

Generate more leads

Grow your revenue by increasing conversation rate & generating more leads with this leads engine.

Mobile App

Now, you can respond to hot leads, update / work on opportunities & perform open activities right from your Pristine CRM’s, mobile application. Check dashboards & sales funnel from wherever you are.

Marketing Campaigns & Automation

Now automate your marketing campaigns to yield better results with our Pristine’s Marketing Automation tool. Collaborate Marketing team with your sales teams to improve lead qualification & shorten sales cycle.

Intuitive Workflows and Approvals

Automating any business process across the departments is very simple with Pristine’s drag & drop worklow builder. You can also develop & implement approval for various process like lead validation, discount approvals, pre-requisites etc.

Email, Google & Twitter Integration

If you are using Google Business Apps (email, contacts, calendar, drive, & maps) & also Twitter, then integration with Pristine CRM is available. Hence everyone moves faster and stays productive.

Increase productivity

Close deals faster from anywhere, working with your team & customers. Pritine’s below features will help you increase in productivity across your sales & marketing teams

Documents Collaboration

Create documents & content, collaborating with your teams. Share them securely & also access other documents shared with you in the secured environment. Keep a track on the content & grow knowledge base. You can also receive alerts when the changes are made with the documents.

Reports and Dashboards

Schedule reports & dashboards, and then access them from anywhere. Dashboards will help you analyze real time business growth. Reports will take you deeper into the insights of your businesses

Prominent Decision Making Tool

Insightful data will lead to an action and indeed help you in making key decision

Inside Sales Console

Give inside sales teams an experience that matches how they work, and they’ll work smarter, faster. Now reps can see sales intelligence, detailed company info, and multiple leads on a single screen to build pipeline and grow deals more quickly than ever.

Sales Funnel Forecasting

Keep a track on the sales funnel of your sales team on a real time basis. Monitor, sales activities on the hot deals & building of sales pipeline. See your business growth in real time.

Win more deals

Every Business’s common goal is to have a high performing sales team & exceed its targets. We will help your every sales rep to be the superman of your sales

Opportunity Management

Monitor all the opportunities / deals with all the details of stage, products, competition, quotes, status and other key information. Stay on top of every deal & connected to its stake holders to close faster.

Contact Manager

Know & manage your contacts more effectively, with the history, collaboration & key contact information. Know your contacts better with popular social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin & youtube that connect you through Pristine CRM.

Customer Engagement

Striking while the iron is redhot makes deal close faster, with your real time sales alert on how your prospects are engaging with the sales campaign created by your marketing team. Connect your customers with your super sales team with personalized sales marketing campaigns.

  • Sales Collaboration
  • Pristine’ CRM sales collaboration feature helps you collect sales data, market trend and competitive analysis. These insights are vital for sales team to strategize well on sales target.
  • Leads Management
  • This feature helps you manage the marketing funnel. From discovering opportunity and then converting into a lead.
  • Marketing Campaigns & Automation
  • Launch the marketing campaigns and automate them with Pristine’s automation tool. This will help the marketing team increase their efficiency and productivity. In turn marketing team can collaborate with sales team to achieve the common goal to increase the sales.
  • Workflow Builder & Approval
  • Pristine’s workflow builder helps you build the workflow for lead validation, discount approvals etc.
  • Integrate Email, Twitter & Other Business Accounts
  • Integrating email and other business accounts will help the employees to stay updated over the email alerts and responsiveness will be high.
  • Document Collaboration
  • CRM helps you maintain centralized system for all documents. Marketing and Sales team will be able to access the documents and share the documents as well.
  • Reports & Dashboard
  • Dashboards will help you analyze real time business growth. You can view the reports and get the insights of your business.
  • Sales Funnel Forecasting
  • You can keep track of sales funnel of your team on a real time basis. Monitor, sales activities on the hot deals and manage entire sales life cycle without any hassle.
  • Contact Manager
  • Manage your contacts effectively by adding key contact information. You can add contact information through social media sites like Facebook, LinkdedIn etc.
  • Win More Deals
  • Using CRM will help you manage marketing and sales funnel effectively and increase in lead generation will lead to more sales. Sales rep can utilize CRM to increase their efficiency and reach the targets.
  • Generate More Deals
  • Sales reps can increase the funnel volume by keeping their tab on every opportunity and follow up thoroughly to ensure the conversion. CRM increases the conversion rate by 2X times.
  • Increase Productivity
  • Close more deals from anywhere, working with your team & customers. Pristine’s feature will help the sales employees to work efficiently by staying updated with contact details & marketing funnel.
  • Manage Opportunities
  • Monitor all the opportunities at single system and track the status till they convert as leads and pass it on to sales team for sales conversion.
  • Mobile Friendly
  • CRM has its own mobile app so employees can carry the app wherever they move across. This will enable employees to communicate or co-ordinate without location constraint.

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