Donor Management System

Donor management for a non-profit organization is as important as customer relationship management for a business unit. Donor management software’s played a great role in automation in the fundraising and fund management for a non-profit organization. Donor management system helps in controlling the donors without difficulty.
Donor CRM
Increase your fundraising opportunities by finding donors ready to give away and maintain a database of donors ready to give repeatedly. Create filters based on the nature and demographics of the donors.
Effective communication
Send crafted bulk emails to your database automatically to spread communication.
Track fund raising progress
Automatically track your fundraising activities and their progress towards fund raising.
  • Dashboard
  • Ready to go dashboards for fundraising and donor management.
  • Fund raising pages
  • Customized fund raising pages with beautiful templates to make campaigns and ticketing system.
  • Activity feed
  • Provide real time activity information with statistical data.
  • Tasks and reminders
  • Provides list of tasks, thresholds and reminders.
  • Donation charts
  • Provides information of pending donations and donation history.
  • Donation resource
  • Provision for automatic distribution of resources like News, videos, Blogs and Photographs.
    1. Safe and secure transactions.
    2. Campaigns, resource distribution increased reach.
    3. Reduced workload for your organization
    4. Scalability of the donations and the prospects of donoation.
    5. Data safety of the donor demographics and filters.

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