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Online Exam Software helps educational institutions to be an integral part of modernizing systems. Just like every other sector’s of our lives Education is not devoid of being a fruitful victim of technology advancement. With software’s; teaching, learning and evaluating is made easier. Online examination system, that act as traditional exam portals are being widely used and the trend of using them for competitive exams is a welcoming trend.
The use of technology dramatically improves the time management for both teachers as well as students. The technology replaces the time consuming traditional processes such as the question paper creation, candidature registration, verification. The Exam software’s nullifies the human errors while evaluating an answer sheet, can give fast results with complete report analysis.
The online exam systems can increase efficiency of the exam process and it can reduce the cost of the exams. With software’s the theft cases that traditional exam system suffers can be eradicated and the level of security increases drastically.
The exam software’s can be comfortable for students and gives a competitive edge to face national and international exams.
  • Admin can create multiple exams with various kinds of questions.
  • Multiple choice, passage reading, fill in the blanks, filling the diagram/maps, matching types of questions can be made.
  • Levels of the difficulty can be set for the questions.
  • Negative marking can be assigned for wrong answers.
  • Immediate result and answer analysis can be provided to the candidate.
  • Result can be printed and emailed.
  • Secured login and easy to use online portals for students.
  • Bifurcate questions subject wise.
  • Multiple user groups can be created based on the type of exam and standards.
  • Provision for the user to participate in multiple groups.
  • Resumption of the test on occurrence of interference from the point of the stop.
  • Different kinds of question allocation can allow you to match traditional exams for through examination of the candidate.
  • Admin controlled exam portal helps to modify, add, delete the question thus helps in update of the exams.
  • Secured login option helps in tackling exam cheating
  • Automatic time setting option helps the candidate to practice time management.
  • Provision of creating multiple groups helps schools and colleges to bifurcate students according to their academic class of study.
  • Test resumes if any interruption befall.
  • To whom this exam software is built
  • Competitive examination coaching centers
  • School and colleges
  • Online Education providers
  • Online certification bodies
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