Internet of Things

Internet of things is the internetwork of the devices lodged with electronics, sensors and network connectivity. The technology is developed to pursue the provision to monitor the machine to machine communication by covering its entire protocols and appliance. The objective of Internet of Things (IoT) Technology is to integrate the physical world into computer based systems. IoT helps us achieve the efficiency, accuracy and reduce human involvement thereby the costs .The era of internet 2.0 is cultivating the world to a much more technology centric place. The “Internet of things” reaching every object and devices in the world. IOT devices has centralized the entire 7.4 billion people on earth on a same page.

The IoT process involves the exchange of data remotely between devices as a communication line to Render the solution. The devices exchange the data through the Network Connectivity (GPS technology), Software Sensors and devices which are embedded with electronics. Presently, GPS (Global Positioning System) is the most prominent technology in IoT to bridge the communication between people.

We see the use of telecommunication integrated with Internet which is used in online navigation systems, vehicle and mobile tracking systems, wireless vehicle safety and warning systems. These all are the Internet of things which are sub classified as telematics.

Smart homes are the products of IOT, which is an extension of building automation systems. These uses the communication protocols to automate domestic systems like. Automated electric switches. Domestic heaters, ventilators, air conditioners, water motors. Agriculture sector is heading towards automation and IOT allowed many of the agriculture processes get automated.

IOT has shown it’s promise in the power sector as the automation processes helps the reduction in wastage of the power.

Telematics - The team serves its best in telematics to give its expertise in vehicle tracking, ship tracking, driver tracking and emergency warning systems.

Home automations - Our team utilizes the suitable protocols for a range of the telematics which can be controlled either by computer, mobile or tablets to offer you smart home systems.

Agriculture automation - Our features include climate monitoring and forecasting, crop monitoring, field resource mapping, equipment monitoring.

Power Management - We combine the EMS and IOT to provide a solution to minimize energy consumption across the buildings and thereby help your energy consumption comply standards.

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