January 11, 2017
January 12, 2017

Ticketing System

Render Super Fast Customer Service

Happy customers are the backbone of every business. They drive the sales and revenue of the business. We will help you to provide best and super fast customer service which is essential to serve every customer. Best customer service creates happy customers —in turn helps you convert them as a lifetime customers.

Provide Comprehensive Knowledgebase

Pristine Ticketing System provides you integrated knowledgebase option to write detailed answer to various customer queries which are likely to be faced by your customers. This option is completely customized as per the need of a customer. Knowledgebase has got various categories based on issues subject type. Bifurcations help the customers to look into the solution without hassle. You can update the knowledgebase as in when there is a need for expansion of the content.

Reduce Your Workload & Save Time

Pristine Ticketing System has got integrated knowledgebase. Customers can able to resolve many issues by themselves while utilizing knowledgebase. This will help them reduce the number of customer queries. In turn help you save a lot of time of your staff by reducing the number of queries being raised from customers end.