Supply Chain and Management

Supply Chain management stands forefront in the consumer centric business owners. The Software’s applies the basic rules of consumer based business such as inventory, process of a product from raw material to the product, in terms of consumption, stock and dealers. It helps in planning, executing, controlling and monitoring of supply scheme.
  • Create new user
  • Assign location to user
  • Assign roles
  • Create vendors
  • Creator vendor location
  • Create logistics partner
  • Update status
  • Upload PO, Invoice
  • Send messsages
  • Customer requirement management
  • This helps you to check key components of a customer process. It includes inspecting raw material availability, product manufacturing resources check, logistics details, and Software tracks entire process of product manufacturing to the customer.
  • Inventory management
  • Monitor quotes, product purchases, modification, stock details, sales data, raw material purchase and availability, billing, warehouse management and asset management.
  • Purchase order management
  • Purchase order management is automated with SCMS, SCMS monitors purchase orders.
  • Procurement Management
  • Activities associated with material procurement and its suppliers are monetized for procurement cycles.
  • Logistics management
  • Creation and management of effective transport channels ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Warehouse management
  • Optimizes storage, labeling and labor management.
  • Return management
  • Handling, inspection and management of damaged goods and processing of refunds and claims.
  • Cost reduction
  • SCM reduces your cost of operation and helps you optimize your Inventory management. This helps in reducing damages and overhead cost of operations.
  • Increased output
  • SCM streamlines distribution of communication and collaboration. This helps you give an accurate and fast output.
  • Increased business and profit level
  • Higher visibility and improved collaboration in your organization helps increase your business and profits.
  • Improved co-operation
  • This is the most important benefits of SCM; it improves co-operation and collaboration within organizational processes.
  • Decrease time delays in processes
  • SCM stops your time delays in processes by managing issues of shipment, stoppages, customer demands and priorities.
  • Our SCM can be customized easily and helps you to adopt new technology in the process flow.
  • It is made by analyzing the recent trend in supply chain management technologies.
  • It is the most user friendly Software, it does not require any expertise to operate the software.
  • It is most secured and made with assured quality.
  • It is highly cost effective and assures your ROI.
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