Unified Communications

Effective communication is pivotal for success of any business. Unified communications is amongst popular words in the modern era of business. With the emergence of technological revolution Unified Communication plays principal role in transforming the business, both for the clients and its customers.

VOIP Horizon is a sister company of Pristine Softs, simplifying unified communications.

VOIP Horizon engages towards the management of end to end VOIP solutions and business analytics, with proven benefits focused towards a well-targeted solution.


One stop solutions to all your VOIP requirements. Our technological expertise is agile to trends and helps you with best consultation. VOIP’s ability to quickly understand customer business needs and being able to present appealing business offers, generates client confidence with us.


VOIP Horizon’s center focus is customer interaction. We listen and understand your request to precisely build solutions around core business objectives. Our alignment to client’s business objectives drives the technical strategy, ensuring that the deliverable's are technically advanced and assists in growth of business.


Our bountiful experience gives customers a seamless interaction to meet customer needs. Our consistent efforts help us maintain long termed cherished relationship with our clients.


Customer’s success is always our motto; we get the possibility to continue our journey with our client’s success, not just today but over time.

Cloud solutions

  • Cloud solution allow precise PBX management.
  • Bridge your office location without changing any infrastructure.
  • Inter and intra site calling using dial codes..
  • Premium voice mail and video conference attribute.
  • Private and group chats.
  • Email notification and missed call alerts.
  • Customizable automated IVR system.
  • Secured native audio transport.
  • On-Premise Solution

  • Make simultaneous calls.
  • Instant messaging voicemail, chat and other complimentary required services.
  • CRM services integration.
  • Dialer services.
  • VoIP business analytics and reporting.
  • Minimum bandwidth requirement.
  • Maximum business value delivery.
  • Managed services, further reduce your IT expense.
  • Network Solution

  • Network audit and optimization.
  • Wireless enablement.
  • Network design implementation and managed services.
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    The World is experiencing the magic of digitalization and the technology making its way through every nook and corners of our lives.
    Marketing of any product or service with the help of technology is defined as digital marketing. This relies on the journey of a customer rather than a journey of a seller which is inbound methodology. With its customer centric behavior, digital marketing is on a way of elation.
    The tools relies on conducting subtle crowd-pleaser inbound strategy that helps a firm to attract the customers. The adept steps aids in increasing traffic and create an appropriate awareness of the business brand. The strategy of the content marketing to focus on creating and distributing relevant valuable and persistent content that helps the prospects behold at the business brand, run specific ad campaign to make perfect SEM. The keyword searches help create and leverage the content to meet an excellence in SEO.
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    Accurate measures and steps to allure the customer towards the brand is being to ensure Conversion rate optimization. This increases “Call to action” which expand the conversion rate and enhances sales.
    We devote our service for entire digital sales funnel and assure to be a promising dedicated partner to accomplish your goals.
    The way inbound marketing is heading influenced our step into digital marketing.